Host Hotel

The Anaheim Marriott Hotel, is the host hotel for the annual National American Miss finals.
    700 West Convention Way, Anaheim, CA 92802
At this time, the Anaheim Marriott hotel is sold out on a number of the nights during which NAM Nationals 2018 takes place. You may call the hotel at 714-750-8000 to check the most current availability, or go to the Anaheim Marriott hotel website  to check availability.
Likewise, the cutoff date has now passed for the block of convention-priced rooms that were set aside for NAM Nationals. You may check back periodically to the NAM National pageant hotel booking page to check for availability that may have returned to the block.
For a number of our years at the Anaheim Marriott, the property has kindly opened some availability back up as the event gets closer and some rooms came back into their inventory. We cannot guarantee that will happen in any given year. It is totally up to the hotel and their ability to free up more availability of rooms. If the block opens back up, then the NAM national office will announce that on the official NAM Instagram and Facebook pages.