2022 Music Artist of the Year

$175 fee per entry. Limit 2 entries.

One winner will be selected from among the Princess, Jr. Pre-Teen, and Pre-Teen age divisions and one winner will be selected from among the Jr. Teen, Teen, and Miss age divisions. Each winner will receive the official signature Music Artist of the Year Award and the Grand Prize Package. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th runners-up will be presented with specially designed awards.

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MUSIC ARTIST OF THE YEARSM is sponsored by Studio 1 ZERO.  This is an optional contest offered exclusively at The iam Convention, where you will have the rare opportunity to audition in front of a Grammy award-winning producer. International participants in all age divisions can enter the Music Artist of the YearSM and two lucky winners will receive a grand prize trip package to a Grammy award-winning producer’s studio and a recording session with Studio 1 ZERO.

The iam Pageant Powerhouse Music Artist of the YearSM is a unique American IdolTM style audition process. Before arriving at the international pageant, participants will prepare a musical performance to present in front of the producer. This performance will be a live, solo performance that should not exceed 2 minutes (see the rules listed below for your age group to prepare your performance). Each contestant should arrive at the audition room early so that she is ready to walk in and perform at her scheduled time. If you will be playing an instrument, please take a moment to set it up. You will be asked to introduce yourself to the producer. You will then begin your prepared performance.

Studio 1 ZERO is looking for musical talent, skill, confidence, uniqueness, personality, and personal artistry. Two Music Artist of the YearSM winners will be chosen. One winner will be chosen from among the Princess, Jr. Pre-Teen, & Pre-Teen age divisions; and one winner will be chosen from among the Jr. Teen, Teen, & Miss age divisions.  The overall Top 5 will be presented with specially designed awards to be announced on Thanksgiving Day at the 2022 live-streamed Ford Mustang Car Drawing! Each Music Artist of the YearSM winner will receive a Music Artist of the YearSM  Award in addition to her airfare, hotel and meals during her trip to her recording session with Studio 1 ZERO.

As a contestant in the Music Artist of the YearSM, you will first need to decide what you will perform for your audition. Keep in mind that you must follow the rules listed below for your age group.

Each contestant may bring her own song choice on a CD or on a music-playing device (smartphone, iPad or tablet, laptop computer). The performer may sing a song, play a musical instrument, or she may sing while playing an instrument. Only live, solo musical presentations will be permitted. The Music Artist of the YearSM competitor will be the only person performing as well as the only person allowed in the audition room. The prepared presentation cannot exceed 2 minutes. If you are playing an instrument, you are responsible for the set-up and removal of the instrument. Keep in mind that each audition is an allotted amount of time, so you don’t want to take up too much time setting up and taking down an instrument.  Makeup is allowed in all age divisions for this contest.


Winner Announcements: The overall Top 5 in both the Junior and Senior divisions will be brought on stage during the Thanksgiving Day Car Drawing. The 1st thru 4th runners-up will be announced and then both winners will perform their award-winning song LIVE on stage!

Attire: Outfit of your choice.

Scheduled Time of Contest: Your Music Artist performance time will be performed LIVE at your scheduled date/time. Music Artist scheduling will open online on November 8th. You will be able to find the scheduling link at www.NAMnationals.com and www.IJMinternationals.com on November 8th.

Rules: Arrive to your scheduled performance time 10 minutes before scheduled time. The Music Artist of the Year competitor should be the only person performing in the audition. The prepared presentation cannot exceed 2 minutes. The performer can choose any song that suits the artist’s vocal range and capabilities. Singing acapella and performing with an instrument is also acceptable.

Pageant Furnishes: Standard musical performance equipment and technician to assist the performer in her vocal and/or musical instrument performance. The performer may use any of the provided components on a complimentary basis, including CD player and operator, hand-held microphone, microphone on a stand, and audio connections (one standard aux jack, one 1⁄4” acoustic input, two 1⁄4” keyboard inputs, and two RCA inputs) for her instrument or music player.

Callbacks: After all preliminary auditions, the music producer will select an overall Top 5 among the junior division competitors and an overall Top 5 among the senior division competitors. All 10 of these competitors will perform again for the music producer. Please have a second song ready to preform if you do receive a callback.

You Bring: Your music and/or instrument

May I wear makeup?
Yes. All age divisions may wear makeup for this contest.

When and where will the Music Artist of the YearSM contest take place?
The day and location of the Music Artist of the YearSM will be listed on the scheduling site and on your detailed schedule, which you will receive prior to the pageant.

Who will be allowed in the audition room?
The contestant is the only person allowed inside the audition room, other than the producer and NAM staff. Parents will be allowed to wait right outside the door of the audition room.

Will I receive a score for my audition?
No. The producer will not be scoring your performance. Instead, after watching your performance, he will give you live feedback on how he thinks the audition went.

Do I need to bring a headshot or resume with me to the audition?
No, a headshot and resume are not needed for this contest.