NAM Modeling, Acting, and Talent Search


You may have heard it for years: “NAM is more than a pageant.” And you have come to expect big announcements and surprises from NAM. This is a big one. We are excited to announce the first annual NAM Modeling, Acting, and Talent Search. This is a free fun bonus – a reward for your attending NAM Nationals 2019 that will add even more value to your week. There is no fee to become a Participant. However, to attend a callback you must have opted-in via the online form.

The steps are essentially:

1) Go to the opt-in online form, complete it, and submit it. You will automatically receive a confirmation copy back to the email address that you provide. In the opt-in form, you will provide one, two, or three phone numbers to which you want the notification that you have, or have not, been invited to a callback.

2) Go perform your optionals to the best of your ability. You were planning to do that anyway.
Just be yourself, be your age, and be empowered.

3) When the announcement text arrives, if the text indicates that you are invited to a callback,
then go to the callback at the time and location of callbacks for your age group. That is where
you will meet with the agent or manage who requested the callback for you. They will want to
visit with you, find out about your interest in modeling, acting and/or talent, and possibly
discuss representing you for modeling, acting, and/or talent work.Bring one printed copy of the Callback Form for each agent callback that you receive.

The Agents and Managers who are scouting at NAM Nationals 2019

To view individual agent bios, as well as links to the agencies they represent, please click on these individual links:















The Coordinators for the NAM Modeling, Acting and Talent Search

The Optional contests which will be scouted for each age group

– The optionals listed above as “Scouted” will have one or more agents in attendance to scout the Participants.

– Optionals listed above that show as “- no -“ (such as Spokesmodel) may possibly be scouted by one or more agents. However, they are not assured to be. It will depend on a given agent’s schedule as well as whether Spokesmodel performances would provide information to the agent to scout that age group for the kinds of casting that the given agent performs.

– The agents will be wearing a yellow lanyard which signifies them as an agent.

– The agents will be from time to time scouting in the hallways and other common areas of the
Anaheim Marriott Hotel. Individual contestants may be approached by an agent to visit. Please feel free to visit with the agent – it can be a great opportunity. However, please do not feel that you are obligated to visit with the agent.

– The Runway Model Camp Walkthrough for the Junior Teen age group takes place at the end of the Runway Model Search Camp. At that time, the agents will be present to scout the walkthrough that the girls perform. The other age groups’ Runway Model Camps do have their walkthroughs as well, but they are not slated to be scouted.

– The Cold Read is for the Pre-Teen age group only. The Cold Read is literally a cold read. This is a real world Cold Read where you are provided the lines very close to the event time and you will read the lines authentically for the agents that are in the room for that event.

The callbacks are divided by the NAM age groups and take place on different days, locations, and times.
Please carefully note the particulars for your age group’s callbacks.

– All Participants in a given age group will receive a text at the same time as indicated in the above chart. Each Participant’s text will be individualized and will state if they are, or are not, being invited to one or more agent callbacks. If the Participant is invited to one or more callbacks, then the agent names will be stated in the text.

– The outfit for the callback is something simple that is representative of your age. You want your apparel, hair, and any makeup to be in tune with someone who is your age. Your outfit should not make a bigger statement than you do. Solid colors work generally best.

– You will bring one printed copy of the Callback Form for each agent callback that you receive. You can download and print the form, or you can pick up free printed copies at the NAM Boutique beginning on Monday morning.

– Within an age group there is no particular order to who sees which agent first. It is pretty much first come, first served.

Q: Who can be a Participant?
A: Only girls who are participating in NAM Nationals are eligible. For example, brothers, sisters, friends and other family members cannot receive a callback at this event.

Q: Is there a fee to be a Participant?
A: There is no fee to participate in this special program. This is a free fun bonus – a reward for your attending NAM Nationals 2019. While there is no fee to become a Participant, you must have opted-in via the online opt-in form in order to be a Participant.

Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare / should I perform my optional contest routine differently?
A: The agents are not scouting to see who can memorize the “best,” nor who has prepared a special presentation. They are not here to scout preparation; they are here to scout potential. So, please just be yourself! That is who they want to see. Perform your entries just as you had planned.

Q: Are the agents looking for one particular kind of girl?
A: The agents are responsible for placing talented young people in a wide variety of roles and that have a wide variety of looks. Think about it – when you see a movie, for example, there are a wide variety of actors in the movie. Same for a TV show, a reality show, a theatrical play, musical performance, and just about any performance venue.

Q: What do I do if I receive a callback invitation? How do I prepare?
A: If you receive a callback invitation, then congratulations! Just be yourself and visit with the agent at the callback! You will bring one copy of the Callback Form for each callback that you receive. You do not need to “type” the form, but please print legibly. It is a contact form by which the agent can be in contact with you and discuss further opportunities and next steps. You will hand the form to the agent and the agent will keep it (and any attachments that you provide, for their records and to have a point of reference for you. The Callback Form also contains basic information that will assist the agent in evaluating opportunities with you. If you have any photos that you want to print out and attach to the Callback Form, that is great, but it is not necessary. The agents will have a copy of all contestant’s photos from the NAM National yearbook. That is the photo that you supplied for the yearbook. If you happen to have any modeling, acting, or talent experience of which you would like to share, then please fill those in the blanks provided on the form or with an attachment. At the callback, the agent will supply you with their contact information.

Q: I see that the optional contests that are scouted vary by age group. Why is that?
A: The primary reason for that is there are many NAM events that run simultaneously; the agents cannot be in two place at one time. Also, many of the agents are looking for specific attributes or areas in which they specialize. So those particular agents will elect to be placed in the optional contests and age groups where they can best scout.

Q: Do the talent scouts judge the optional contests, or provide influence to the actual judges who do score the optional contests?
A: They do not. The scouting by the agents is completely separate from the scoring by the judges. One does not influence the other.

Q: What if I already have signed representation with a different agent and I do not want to attend the callbacks?
A: No participant is under any obligation to attend the callbacks, or even to attend each particular callback to which she was invited.

Q: Is there a trophy for the Participant that receives the most callbacks?
A: There is no award for the Participant that receives the most callbacks. And there are not public announcements of who received call backs and who did not. The announcements are made by direct text to the phone number(s) that you provided when you complete the opt-in form.

COLD READ (offered for the Pre-Teen age group only)
Q: What is the Cold Read?
A: The Cold Read is for the Pre-Teen age group only. The Cold Read is literally a real world cold read. Ina cold read you are provided the lines very close to the event time. You will walk in to the room (Orange County 2). The agents will be seated there in the room. You will walk into the room and briefly introduce yourself. State your first and last name, pageant contestant number, age, and the city and state where you live.

Q: When do I get the lines for the Cold Read?
A: The Cold Read lines are available for download on this webpage at 8:00am on the morning of the day that the Cold Read takes place (Monday, November 25). You will have three Cold Read line options. You can chose which one you want to use.

Cold Read Lines – Option 1

Cold Read Lines – Option 2

Cold Read Lines- Option 3

Free printed copies of the Cold Read lines will also be available at the NAM Boutique that day beginning at 9:00am. Free printed copies will also be available at the arrival table adjacent to Orange County 2 beginning at 4:30pm on Monday. You are more than welcome to bring the paper with the lines on it into the room with you. You are very welcome to refer to the lines if you wish during your cold read. It is extremely common for actors to hold the paper that has their lines for a cold read. This is not a memorized monologue. It is a real world cold read where the agents assess your potential to work in an acting set environment.

Q: When is the Cold Read and where does it take place?
A: The Cold Read takes place on Monday, November 25. The time period in which the Cold Read will take place is 5:00pm to 6:00pm. It is exclusively for the Pre-Teen age group. There is no fee to participate in the Cold Read. You do not pre-register for the Cold Read; you just show up. You will not be lined up in order of contestant number. Rather, you will go into the room basically in the order in which you arrived to the arrival table. The Cold Read arrival table will be adjacent to Orange County 2 beginning at 4:30pm on Monday. You will go to the arrival table and check-in. There is no particular order for the Participants to enter the room and execute their cold read.

Q: Why do agents and casting directors like cold reads?
A: The Cold Read presents an opportunity for the agents to see how you can work with professionals in the room in a professional environment. Again, this is not a monologue – this is not as pronounced acting as, say, the onstage Actress optional contest can be. This is about your performing the lines and working with the acting professionals on set. You can do a YouTube search to view tips for cold reads.

Q: What do I wear to the Cold Read?
A: You should wear a relatively simple outfit. You already have this with you. Jeans and a solid color top, for example. If you are enrolled in the Runway Model Search, then you already have jeans and a black top. That is great. It can be any outfit – pants, skirt…almost anything. But the key is to keep your outfit and appearance in tune with your age. Solid colors work well because they are less distracting. This is about the agents seeing your casting potential – of girls who are Pre-Teen ages – not 12 year olds who are looking 16. Keep the makeup to a minimum; the agents do not want to see you very made up. This is about being natural and being your age.

Have further questions? Please email us at and we will be happy to answer.