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RUNWAY MODEL SEARCH SPONSORED BY Ashley Rene’s and Marc DefangSM  We are excited to introduce the National American Miss Runway Model SearchSM! This is a brand-new Optional Contest offered exclusively at National American Miss. Princess, Jr. Pre-Teen, Pre-Teen, Jr. Teen, Teen, and Miss Contestants can enter the Runway Model Search and walk the runway at the 2018 NAM National Pageant.

The National American Miss Runway Model SearchSM  is a unique two-part Optional Contest. First, competitors will attend the official Runway Training CampSM. This training camp will be instructed by modeling scouts who are experts in the modeling industry. Next, runway contestants will take the runway in their outfit of choice and compete in front of the judges as they “strut their stuff.” The Runway Model SearchSM winner and the Top 10 in each age division will be announced.The Top 5 will receive trophies, and the Runway Model SearchSM winner will receive a national crown, banner, trophy, and an $800 cash award.


But here’s the BEST PART: If you simply place in the Top 10 of your age division’s Runway Model SearchSM, you will have the opportunity to be the Face of Ashley Rene’s in an upcoming month long digital campaign. Out of all the age divisions’ Top 10, one lucky young lady will be hand-selected by scouts as the Face of Ashley Rene and will have an on-site photo shoot at the national pageant. Ashley Rene’s is one of the nation’s leading prom and pageant boutiques an honored to be in the Top 10 prom stores in the country and has recently been recognized by The Pageant Planet of the top 5 pageant stores in the industry.




As a contestant in the Runway Model SearchSM, you will first attend the official Runway Training Camp conducted by modeling scouts. During this training camp, you will receive exclusive runway training to prepare you for your upcoming Runway Model Search, as well as valuable information about the modeling industry. The activities of this training camp are based on a “Go-See” of what a professional model or actress would experience and are designed to give you real-world practice for a career in modeling or acting!

Attire/What to Bring:

  •  Wear a black shirt, denim jeans, and age-appropriate shoes. No graphics, logos, or adornments of any kind are permitted. No accessories.
  • As you would in a real-world “Go-See,” you should bring some printed photos with you to leave with the scout. Bring one to five photos. If you already have a comp card, that is fine; you may include that as one of your photos. If your comp card has multiple photos on it, then each image counts as a single photo. Please keep in mind that this is not a photo competition; these are file photos which will be used by the modeling scouts for their evaluations. Also keep in mind that in a real-world “Go-See,” scouts frown upon submitted photos that have been clearly “Photoshopped” to noticeably alter the appearance of the person being photographed. Such photographs do nothing to assist the scout or agent in assessing the model’s potential and they are actually a distraction.


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Description: Next, you will “strut your stuff” in the Runway Model SearchSM as you walk the runway! This will be a live runway modeling competition where you will show-off your modeling skills in a fun and fashionable outfit of your choice.

Format: This competition is formatted exactly like a professional runway fashion show, utilizing a T-shaped runway and modeling music with a solid beat. Your contestant number will be announced; then, you will take the runway and perform as you were instructed during your Runway Training CampSM.

Check out these real world examples of runway fashion shows!



Attire: One of the most exciting parts about the Runway Model Search is that you get to model the outfit of your choice! This is your chance to pick the outfit that you have dreamed of wearing, as you strut down the runway. This should be a fun, fashionable outfit that you want to “sell” to the judges and audience. Your outfit can be a cocktail dress, pants and a trendy top, or even an adorable romper. Make sure that your outfit is age-appropriateSM.

You want to stay away from a “themed” outfit (back-to-school, western wear, outer space, two-foot peacock feather hat with harlequinpainted face, etc). Something to keep in mind is that the scouts are evaluating each candidate for real-world modeling opportunities. They want to be able to see what you can do, in an authentic setting, to model clothing; this is not about the clothing modeling you. Accessories such as jackets, hats, headbands, and scarves are permitted, but stay away from casual jeans and sporty-themed looks. Your look should be trendy, fun and fashion-forward!

Princess, Jr. Pre-Teen and Pre-Teen: Your look of choice can be a party dress, cocktail dress, or even a onepiece romper. Again, you want to keep this age-appropriate. A Sunday dress or a fun petti skirt would be great for this contest. No bare midriffs are allowed. Stay away from platform shoes that are hard to walk in.

Jr. Teen, Teen and Miss: Your runway outfit can be a cocktail dress, a fabulous after-5 look, or anything that is age appropriate that you want to show off. Bare midriffs are allowed, but should also be age-appropriate and tasteful. Make sure you are comfortable in your shoes.

Rules on attire for all age divisions:

  • No swimsuits are allowed.
  • Age-appropriate makeup is allowed in all age divisions for this contest.
  • Full-length evening dresses or gowns are allowed.
  • No props are permitted on stage at any time.
  • No matter which age group you are in, be sure that you wear shoes you can safely and confidently walk in. Practice walking in your shoes at home.



Cost Per Entry/How to Register: $175 per entry. All National Finalists may enter this competition a maximum of two times. Choose one of the following ways to register for this contest. 1. Go to 2. Call the national pageant office at (281) 496-5050 3. Mail in your registration to the national pageant office by either adding “Runway Model Search” onto your Optional Contest Card or simply writing out your registration request.

Prize Package: Winner: Each age division’s winner will receive an official national crown, banner, trophy, $800 cash award, certificate and the opportunity to be the Face of Ashley Rene for a month-long digital campaign. Top 5: Each age division’s Top 5 will receive an official trophy, certificate, and the opportunity to be the Face of Ashley Rene for a month-long digital campaign. Top 10: Each age division’s Top 10 will receive a certificate and the opportunity to be the Face of Ashley Rene for a month-long digital campaign.

The Face of Ashley ReneSM winner and Top 10 will be announced at each age division’s Red Carpet Awards Ceremony.

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Who can enter the Runway Model SearchSM The Runway Model SearchSM is available to all National Finalists.

How is the Runway Model SearchSMjudged? Just like all optional contests at NAM, the Runway Model SearchSM is an optional contest having no bearing on the overall National American Miss and National All-American Miss pageants. It is not required, and it will be scored by a completely separate panel of optional judges from the queen’s competitions. There will be a winner, Top 5, and Top 10 selected from each age division, which will be announced during each age division’s Red Carpet Awards Ceremony. Runway Model SearchSM competitors will be evaluated on their ability to execute the instructions given and interact successfully with the scouts at the Runway Training CampSM, their ability to walk the runway with poise, and their overall appearance and modeling potential when modeling their outfit of choice.

When and where does the Runway Training CampSM and Runway Model SearchSMtake place? The time and location of the Runway Training CampSM and Runway Model SearchSM will be listed on your detailed schedule, which you will receive prior to the national pageant.

How is the Face of Ashley Rene selected? Any contestant placing in the Top 10 in their age division’s Runway Model SearchSM will be considered by Ashley Rene scouts for the Face of Ashley Rene in an upcoming month-long digital campaign. The one Face of Ashley Rene will only be selected from qualifying contestants who are entered in the Runway Model Search and place in the Top 10.


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