2021 National Scoring Overview

2021 National Scoring Overview

At National American Miss we passionately believe that excellent judging is the backbone of an excellent pageant. In keeping with that passion, we bring in the very best selection of judges to be found anywhere in pageantry – bar none. To ensure unparalleled diversity, the judges are “rotated” such that no one judge will score all the preliminaries as well as the final show for any given age division. This results in a carefully designed process where each age division is scored by more than fifteen different judges. The judges come from across the country and are highly qualified. Quality is no accident; it is carefully built into our scoring process, based on decades of experience.

Resume 15%
Resume counts for 15% of your required competition score. Similar to the Community Service portion of the Required Competition, the scoring of your resume is one in which you will receive the full 15% score credit for following some simple guidelines in preparing your resume. We fully expect that every competitor will achieve the full 15% of this score.

Community Service Project 10%
The Community Service Project counts for 10% of your Required Competition score. A full 10% of your pageant score will be automatically awarded to you when you show record of having completed at least 4 hours of community service at a local area or statewide service organization.

Poise and Presentation in Formal Wear 25%
Formal Wear counts for 25% of your Required Competition score. Contestants are scored on their poise and presentation on stage in formal wear. Scores are based on the judges’ overall impressions and the contestant’s ability to command both the judges’ and the audience’s attention in a poised, graceful, and professional manner.

On-Stage Personal Introduction 25%
Personal Introduction counts for 25% of your Required Competition score. Contestants will introduce themselves on stage, saying their:

  • name
  • hometown
  • state
  • future aspirations and/or something interesting about themselves

Contestants are scored on their ability to clearly, confidently, and effectively deliver a message on stage to the audience. The judges are looking for a representative who naturally conveys her own unique personality through her effective and engaging public speaking skills and naturally assured stage presence. 60-second time limit.

Personality During an Interview 25%
Interview counts for 25% of your Required Competition score. You will take home essential interviewing skills, such as making good eye contact, communicating confidently, and sitting properly as you will talk one-on-one with each of the interview judges. This is when you can really let your personality shine through. In a very real way, you are interviewing for the “job” of representing not only your state, but your country. Just like you, the judges would like for the new national representatives to be girls who are friendly, naturally enthusiastic, and effective communicators. The judge’s goal is to learn more about you, your ambitions, and your personality. They are looking for a representative who can engage in fun, intelligent conversation with an adult. They will not trick you or ask you questions having a right or wrong answer (for example, they will not ask you to “name the governor of your state”).

Final Show Top Finalists Selection

At the final show, each finalist will still be introduced on stage in her formal wear, giving her a moment alone in the spotlight. Escorts are not needed for the pageant finale. After each girl has been presented on stage in her formal dress, the emcee will announce whom the judges have selected as their top semi-finalists.

There will be a Top 12 semi-finalists announced. The Top 12 includes one girl who was voted as the People’s Choice Award winner by friends and family. The names of the Top 12 will be announced in random order, including the People’s Choice Award winner. The judges and the audience will not know who the People’s Choice winner is until all tabulation has been completed at the end of the show. The People’s Choice winner will be announced immediately before the crowning of the new queen and her court.

Every girl in the Top 12 will be eligible to move on to the Top 5. The judges will have the opportunity to hear each one of the Top 12 delegates introduce themselves in their Personal Introduction. After all Personal Introductions, the judges will select their individual Top 5.  Each individual judge’s Top 5 vote will be added to the preliminary scores of each Top 12 Finalists. Then, the emcee will ask for the names of the final Top 5 based on the combination of the preliminary scores and the individual votes after the Top 12’s Personal Introductions. The final Top 5 will be announced in random order.

The Top 5 will have one more opportunity to impress the judges with their ability to answer a question on stage. The questions will be in a bowl located on stage, and each of the Top 5 competitors will be asked one question out of the bowl. The Emcee will read the question to the contestant, and the contestant will have up to 30 seconds to answer the question. The 30 seconds starts from the time the Emcee finishes reading the question. At 30 seconds, a bell will ring and judging of that question will end.

For the Princess, Jr. Pre-Teen, and Pre-Teen age divisions the following 10 questions will be in the bowl.

  • How do you make a difference in your community?
  • How have you shown kindness this year?
  • What has been your favorite part of iam Internationals?
  • How will you make a difference if you win the national title?
  • What does being an iam girl mean to you?
  • What does confidence mean to you?
  • What character quality is most important to you?
  • Why do you want to win the national crown?
  • What makes you special or unique?
  • How have you helped someone this year?

For the Jr. Teen, Teen, and Miss age divisions they will be asked a question from one of the following 10 topics.

  • Impacts of social media and current issues teens and women are facing
  • Characteristics that define you
  • Pageantry with a Purpose
  • Growing Confidence
  • New Pageant Motto – iam…We Are Better Together
  • Characteristics of a National Queen
  • Plans for the Future
  • Your Generation
  • Making a difference and community involvement
  • Role of a National Queen

After each of the Top 5 have answered their on-stage questions, the judges will be casting their final ballots. After all the scores have been tabulated, the emcee will ask for the results. Before the emcee reveals the final results, she will reveal the name of the People’s Choice Award winner and present her with a special award on stage.

At this time the 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st runners-up will be announced, followed by the crowning of the new national queen.