Opening Number Dress

Introducing our 2020 Opening Number dresses custom designed by Ashleylauren and modeled by our 2019 Face of Ashley Rene winners; Ava and Grace!

Ashley Rene’s is excited to once again sponsor the Official Opening Number Dresses for National American Miss! This year we have partnered with designer ASHLEYlauren to create beautiful custom black and rose gold cocktail dresses for each NAM National Finalist to choose from to wear as their opening number dress at their National Pageant Finale. The price for the dress for all age divisions is $275 including shipping, which is a great discount off the retail price of $500! 

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Order Today! Not only will the dresses be shipped in the order in which they are received, but you could also receive the dress at a discounted price of $250 and a complimentary garment bag if you order before your state’s early bird order deadline. Orders placed after your early bird order deadline will be subject to increased pricing; please refer to the detailed chart below for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTE…NAM does require each national participant to have her own opening number dress from Ashley Rene’s if she wants to participate in the Official Opening Number Dance to begin her pageant finale. NAM will have a master list provided from Ashley Rene’s of each order. It is important that you provide the contestant’s name at the point of purchase online. While NAM will not force any participant to purchase this dress, we will not allow any participant to dance who did not purchase the dress from Ashley Rene’s. Remember that the opening number dance is not scored.

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Listed below is a detailed list of deadlines per state pageant. Please pay very close attention to each row and column. If you order by your early bird deadline you will receive the $25 discount off the original price of $275 and a FREE custom garment bag.

* All dress orders submitted after October 1st COULD be subject to limited size availability.  

Per the ordering chart above there are coupon codes to be used for the following states:
Arizona & Nevada: AZNV
Virginia, Maryland & New Jersey: VAMDNJ
Arkansas & Oklahoma: AROK

These coupon codes can only be used for NAM girls that qualified for nationals from the states listed. If any coupon code is used for a participant that did not qualify from the listed state on the coupon code that order will be CANCELED!

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I understand I am ordering one the styles for the Jr. Teen, Teen, & Miss divisions. I understand it is my choice to order style A or B; I do not have to order both. For Princess, Jr.Pre-Teen and Pre-Teen divisions there is one style.

I understand that sizes ordered after my early bird order deadline are  subject to the fee listed in the chart. You will be responsible for any alterations needed. 

I understand I am responsible for adding the national finalist’s full name to my order in the comment section of my special order.

I understand dresses will ship from Ashley Rene’s no later than November 9th, 2020.

I understand my credit card/debit card will be billed for the given amount per the ordering chart upon completing this order.

I understand that my dress will be shipped to me, if I order by the deadlines listed in the chart provided. There will be no pick-ups at NAM Nationals.

I understand that this offer is only for national finalists who are registered for the 2020 National American Miss National Pageant. All other orders will be declined.

If I decide not to compete at the National Pageant for any reason my purchase will not be refunded.

I understand that all purchases are final. No refunds, returns, or exchanges.

I understand that the size that I order for this dress is my own choice. We recommend using accurate, professional measurements to compare to the provided size charts to determine which standard size to order. Please understand it is highly unlikely that your specific measurements will match exactly to one size. If you are in between sizes, it is best to choose the next size up as dresses can always be altered down but they are unable to be let out if they are too small. Please note that there will be no returns, refunds, or exchanges. You are committing to the size that you order and will be responsible for any alterations that may be needed.

If you need assistance in selecting the correct size for you, please email with your measurements prior to ordering and we will advise you on selecting the proper size. They are being cut to the standard ASHLEYlauren size chart.

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