Opening Number Dress

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We are so excited to reveal the official opening number dress for NAM Nationals 2022! This exclusive dress is sponsored by Ashley Rene’s Prom and Pageant and designed by ASHLEYlauren!

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Orders are available NOW! The NAM national opening number dress is discounted to the price of $275 and you will receive a complimentary garment bag if you order before your early bird order deadline. Orders placed after your early bird order deadline will be subject to increased pricing; please refer to the detailed chart below for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTE…NAM does require each national participant to have her own opening number dress from Ashley Rene’s if she wants to participate in the Official Opening Number Dance to begin her pageant finale. NAM will have a master list provided from Ashley Rene’s of each order. It is important that you provide the contestant’s name at the point of purchase online. While NAM will not force any participant to purchase this dress, we will not allow any participant to dance who did not purchase the dress from Ashley Rene’s. Remember that the opening number dance is not scored.

Listed below is a detailed list of deadlines per state pageant. Please pay very close attention to each row and column.

* All dress orders submitted after August 13th COULD be subject to limited size availability.
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