Disney Youth Programs

Disney Youth Program Tickets are available to purchase now! Click HERE to register!


Once an application is submitted, you will be sent the ticket store link containing the Disney Youth Programs event tickets and further instructions.  All questions regarding Disney Youth Programs events can be referred to DLR.DYP.Open.Enrollment@Disney.com or (714) 520-6423.  Monday-Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm PST.

National American Miss is so much more than a pageant. At NAM we focus on life-skills, leadership, and growing confidence while building the future leaders of tomorrow.

During your time at NAM Nationals 2019, you and your siblings, as well as your family members, will have the AMAZING once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in one of the most exclusive and exciting educational events! The opportunity to participate in the DisneyYouth Program is at your fingertips.


Let the Disney parks serve as a learning laboratory! National American Miss is providing you, the student, a hands-on educational adventure with Disney. Spark your creativity and unlock your potential at any of the Disney Youth Programs.

On this page, you will see a list of the programs that were chosen especially for the 2019 NAM National Finalists and their families. What a privilege and opportunity it is to participate in one of these programs. More information regarding sign up for these programs will be available this fall at NAMnationals.com. You will sign up on a first-come, first-served basis as we get closer to Nationals. These unbelievable opportunities will start at $50 per person, per session. WOW!

Music 101: Inside the Soundtrack of Disneyland© Resort – Designed for students with beginning music knowledge, this unique workshop explores the powerful role music plays in creating the immersive worlds and attractions at Disney Parks. Through artistic sound analysis, a musical scavenger hunt, and a deeper look into the storytelling power of music, students gain a hands-on understanding of how music creates emotion, tone and a vivid sense of time and place. Click HERE to register!

Soundtrack Session: Vocal – Experience the excitement of a working Recording Studio, where industry professionals present performance concepts, sight-reading techniques and the entire process of laying down music tracks. Students have the opportunity to work with a recording technician while using a click track and wireless headsets to produce their very own version of a vocal selection from a beloved Disney film. Click HERE to register!

Acting 101 – Designed for beginning actors, this workshop encourages the development of acting skills through creative exploration and interpretation. Students learn to build character, develop improvisational skills, and maintain professionalism on the stage. Click HERE to register!

Energy and Waves Physics Lab 101 – Discover light and sound as forms of energy and how to use them in practical application. See firsthand how these elements are a vital part of creating world-class attractions and how Disney uses these physical properties to entertain and amaze guests. Click HERE to register!

Disney’s Approach to Leadership and Teamwork – Students will practice overcoming obstacles by working as a team and thinking creatively to develop solutions. Exercises, designed to reinforce courage, curiosity, and constancy, aim to give students the confidence to set goals and accomplish their dreams. Participants enter the park for a case study in real-world leadership. Impactful Leadership Disney Style – Students examine the unique, creative culture forged by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Through sharing, discussion and debate, students voice their viewpoints on effective leadership, ownership, communication, creativity, success, and the “comfort zone. Click HERE to register!